We’ll help you and your team explore options that may not be top-of-mind for you. Through warm encouragement and a customized system to help you execute, anything is possible! It’s all up to you.

Our Solutions

Coaching Philosophy

EDC’s coaching approach is based in positive psychology, that is, we take a strength-based approach, helping our clients to hone in on their strengths through self-awareness and constructive feedback. This approach allows our clients to cultivate what is best within themselves to enhance their lives, businesses, families, and communities. Moreover, through one-on-one meetings and unlimited emails, we connect with our clients’ strengths and the core values that really move them to action. Through constructive feedback and an action-oriented process, we also identify the years of limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations getting in their way. EDC’s Coaching program transforms our clients through a 3-step process of Discovery, Planning, and Development. To us coaching is:

  • Not about fixing – It’s about learning and growing
  • About making conscientious and intentional choices in our actions and behaviors
  • About knowing ourselves better so that we can in fact be intentional and conscientious in our choices and behaviors
  • A safe environment, where confidentiality is at the utmost importance, you can be yourself and there’s no judgment

Executive Coaching Process

Through one-on-one meetings and unlimited emails, we connect to your strengths and the core values that really move you to action. Through constructive feedback and an action-oriented process, we also identify the years of limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations getting in your way.

If you feel motivated, then ask yourself – do you have an action plan and are you sticking to it?

The coaching relationship will give you the clarity and confidence to change exactly what you want to change in your life professionally and personally. We’ll help you and your team explore options that may not be top-of-mind for you. Through warm encouragement and a customized system to help you execute, anything is possible! It’s all up to you.

Our Executive Coaching program transforms emerging and senior leaders through a 3-step process of Discovery, Planning, and Development.


Discovery (Needs Analysis and Critical Considerations):
The process begins with a deep-dive session to get a clear picture of your current situation. In addition to a pre-session questionnaire that measures mindset, goals, and development priorities, assessments may include Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Campbell Leadership Index, and/or Emotional Intelligence Quotient 2.0. Optional 360 interviews; up, down and around with managers, peers, and direct reports reveal how other people experience your leadership style.

Planning (Goal Setting and Action Planning):
Based on findings from the discovery phase, you and your coach will agree on leadership development objectives. We’ll set an individualized, actionable development plan to support the coaching process and establish benchmarks to measure your progress.

Development (Measuring Progress and Evaluating Results):
You’ll engage in personalized coaching sessions, in-person or by phone, at least once every two weeks, with unlimited email access to your coach between sessions and occasional “emergency calls” for live situations. You’ll find your A-game and discover how to overcome those blocks getting in your way.